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Old 2017-06-21, 9:45am
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Default Home Fill parts on sale

Blick's is having a sale on parts for an air gun setup. They look like the ones I had to search all over for when I was setting up my home fill, so I'm sharing the link. May only be able to order online (I have never seen these parts in my local store).
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Old 2017-06-21, 12:09pm
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Do be certain that any parts you get for your Homefil setup are rated as "Oxygen Clean"

The Homefil system pushes 96 % pure oxygen at pressures approaching 2500 pounds per square inch.
At those kinds of pressure any oil or grease in these fittings can actually explode with spontaneous combustion.
The darn things can go off like a hand grenade.

Also make sure the parts are rated for the pressures involved as well.
Just because it fits does not always mean that it will handle 2500 psi for prolonged periods of time.

This is one place where you don't want to shave off a few dollars just because you found something that should work but isn't marked as rated for such high pressure.
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