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Old 2017-03-23, 9:11am
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Default Torch Upgrade Help Needed

After 10 years I am going to upgrade from my Mini CC. I like the Carlisle torches (Wildcat & Hellcat) because I thought it would be an easy transition from the Mini CC. I've always done exclusively soft glass but I'm switching to boro so that I can do small sculptures as well as beads.

I'm not adverse to a different brand of torch other than Carlisle - in fact, I want to get the right one for my needs, whatever brand it is. At this one little magical point in my life, price is not a problem, and I can choose what I want (along with the oxycon upgrades or multiples that I'll surely need for a larger torch). I do not want to use tanked oxy.

What torch should I get for:

* 5"-6" boro sculptures
* boro beads
* soft glass beads

Any input is greatly appreciated!
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Old 2017-03-29, 7:46am
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If you like the Mini CC, then the Hellcat is an easy choice. It's a great torch.
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Old 2017-03-29, 10:16pm
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You might want to cross post this in the boro section.

I only have limited experience with soft glass but that big of boro sounds like serious oxygen consumption so I suggest also shopping for major concentrator(s) while you're at it.

ETA: You might want to consider home filled tanks while you are at it.
The purity is down some 5% from commercial tanks but having the ability to dump major amounts of heat in when you really need it can make it all much more fun and a lot less frustrating.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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