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Studio -- Show us your studio setup

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Old 2015-11-07, 9:57am
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Default My little slice of heaven...

I've recently purchased some property where I can actually put a studio. Bought a shed, and with DH'S help, now have a safe and perfect studio...

Here's some pics...

The 10 x 16 foot shed placed conveniently close to the house..
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446914725497.jpg
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Size:  18.3 KB

Floor before the tile work
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446914788284.jpg
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Size:  34.9 KB

I added a tile floor to keep any hot bits of flying glass from catching fire.
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446914843043.jpg
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Size:  26.3 KB

DH helping set up the hoses on an old computer desk for my torch station
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446914903463.jpg
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Size:  35.8 KB

Tiled the surface of the computer desk as well 😆
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446914944956.jpg
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Size:  37.5 KB
--- on a Bethlehem Bravo with tanked oxy

"I'd rather have glassy friends than classy friends."
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Old 2015-11-07, 10:17am
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Michele R. Michele R. is offline
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Join Date: Jan 06, 2014
Location: On 6 acres in Southern Mississippi
Posts: 184

More photos...

Salvaged some seriously heavy-duty fans for ventilation. Using just one, but have a backup in case it craps out. DH says it's certified for 1500 cfm.
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446915356167.jpg
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Size:  47.0 KB

DH built a box to enclose the fan and put it in the loft area above my work station. The piping is a whopping 12 inches in diameter all the way. The exhaust for the fan opening is the same, so that's why I picked 12 inches. The exhaust opening is rectangular, so I had to use flexible tubing for that connection. It leads out through a vent hole on the top side of the shed. Before he attached the tubing that comes down from the fan to the work station, he turned it on and I stood under it. It was powerful enough to make my long hair stand up!
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446915514555.jpg
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Size:  36.0 KB

Coming down from the fan is more 12 inch tubing that leads to a 14 x 14 inch section positioned perfectly for my flame. My computer desk has wheels, so if I need to move it back a little when using the outer fire of my Bravo, it's easy to do (for when my boro skills call for that). And YES, it passes the smoke test with flying colors. (And sometimes flying frit!). The intake air comes from an open window to the left of the work station. Tried the smoke test from outside the window, and the fan pulls it all right up.
Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1446915875640.jpg
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Size:  45.5 KB

Once I get things figured out exactly where I want them, I'll post more pics. Took about two months from packing up the old place, moving, and setting up the new studio. Happy lampworker!
--- on a Bethlehem Bravo with tanked oxy

"I'd rather have glassy friends than classy friends."

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Old 2015-11-07, 12:09pm
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Congratulations on your new space! (and I assume your propane is outside )
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Old 2015-11-07, 12:51pm
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Hi Michele.

I love it! Keep posting updated pictures ..... I will be ordering a building soon, since we made our move. Mine will be slightly smaller probably 8x12.

Hopefully by spring or sooner I will up and torching.
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Old 2016-01-07, 6:40am
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Wow what a great space! You will love it, your computer desk is beautiful.
"Every child is an artist...The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" Picasso
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Old 2016-01-07, 12:12pm
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What a great studio - fun to see all the pics of how it developed.

Love your tile table top!
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Old 2016-05-12, 9:59pm
caliglassguy caliglassguy is offline
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Really nice setup there I'm still working on my shedio , custom built 10' x 12' ....cant wait till its finished. Walls are framed so far worked on the front deck/ porch a bit today ...might eventually post pics here too when I can figure out how to size them to fit.
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Old 2016-05-12, 11:04pm
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If you use the Go Advanced button below and then click on the paper clip it will open a separate window that you can then browse your files for the pictures you want.

Once you click "upload" there it will dump you back in the dialog box but you won't see anything until click "Preview Post" or "Submit Reply".

The Paper Clip 'attachments' will automatically resize your pictures to something reasonable for posting in the thread.
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