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Old 2020-02-10, 10:57am
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Default FosterFire - bad batches & replacement

I make FosterFire. One of my suppliers recently substituted a "chemically identical" material for the material we normally order. It's not working in the bead release and I hadn't been torching enough to catch it. Here's the plan.

1. Symptoms - release breaks easily, all formulas. For Regular and Heavy Duty it will look smooth on the mandrel rather than the usual rough look. For Smooth & Tuff it will flake off in the flame. Beads will be hard to remove from mandrel. (try freezer or soak in vinegar, they will come off)

2. If you have a bad jar, for the next 6 months we will replace it at no cost to you (through July 2020). After that we will replace it at the cost of shipping only. (replacement release is free, you only pay shipping)

3. How to get a replacement: you need to email 2 photos.
A. photo of the label removed from the jar and cut in half. The photo needs to show the jar size and the formula as well as the label cut in half.
B. The bottom of the jar so I can see the batch number.

Most LE Peeps already know that I am a full time science teacher and this is actually a really really small business. There's not a lot of profit to start with. (no garages full of fancy cars, sorry) I frequently use what I make to fund supplies for my classroom. This is going to be a challenge.

Please be patient and help spread the word.

Here's the email: robin @ - you'll need to remove the spaces.

Misc. notes: if you are an experienced beadmaker you can use the "bad" release. It's not completely awful. Try not to press the glass onto the bead release and the beads will still come off easily. If the bead seems stuck, get the release wet and then put in the freezer for an hour. The tiny bit of expansion of the water absorbed by the release will help the bead come loose.
Also: you can soak the entire bead in vinegar overnight.
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Old 2020-02-11, 4:25pm
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I am so sorry you have had this happen. Perhaps your supplier should bear some of the responsibility.
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Old 2020-02-12, 12:00am
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Getting a supplier to pay up is probably going to require a lawyer.

Likely, she'll wind up paying dollars just get pennies out of them, if she gets that.
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Old 2020-02-12, 2:52pm
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I am choosing not to fight that battle and taking my business elsewhere.
Yes, I am FosterFire Bead Release.
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Old 2020-02-24, 9:13pm
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That totally sucks. Foster Fire bead release has been one of the top options for the past 15 to 20 years, and that’s what I’ll purchase next.
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