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Old 2015-09-08, 12:15pm
Jon Doh Jon Doh is offline
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Cool Ventilation question for 4 station bench

I am putting together a new studio with 3 friends. We are doing a 19' long bench at the back of a garage which will run the entire width. The hood will extend 4ft off the wall and run the entire length. I was originally planning to try and use one large squirrel cage blower mounted in the center with the interior of the hood sloped to the center. After doing some more reading I am pretty confident that it wont be close to enough. I would prefer to not have 4 individual fans and am now thinking of dividing the hood into 2 separate. Has anyone built anything similar that can give me any insight?
This is not my first ventilation build and I have spent hours reading information here and other places so I have a decent understanding of ventilation. I have previously used a grow type fan on a smaller hood. I am not interested in using cheap duct fans or attic fans on this and would prefer a squirrel cage style built into a box above the hood. Any ducting would be minimal to zero as I can mount the box directly on top of the hood and the outlet vent would come directly out of the box through the wall.

Thanks for any help or advice
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Old 2015-09-08, 9:58pm
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I would suggest using the large squirrel cage blower attached to appropriately large diameter ductwork and route that to the four torch stations with reduced ducting to equalize the distribution of the vacuum draw.

Each torch station would have hoods slopping to the duct work connections just like commercial buildings have distribution ducting.

It might be worth your time and money to pay for an hours conversation at a local heating and air conditioning contractor.
They will have the equations and the cubic feet per minute details in their heads and will save a lot of time and effort of hunting the numbers and equations up your self.
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