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Old 2017-11-10, 11:09am
inkool inkool is offline
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Default Ventilation setup critique


I am in the processes of building a studio in my house and I have found the information on this site invaluable in helping me plan my ventilation setup. Thanks!!!

I would like to get some informed opinions on my proposed setup before I start building in case I am missing something. (sorry in advance for the wall of text).

I plan on running my torch on natural gas and oxygen concentrator.

My ventilation will be a 30" x 22" hood with a 900 CFM max fan. The duct coming out is 7" and will run around 12" to 18" before going outside with one 90 degree elbow. Based on what I have read that setup should work and I most likely will not have to run the fan at full blast.

My make up air will be coming in from around 15 feet away with two or three 90 degree elbows. I plan on using 10" ducting ending in two 4" x 10" register vents under the exhaust hood on my work bench. The 10" may not fit so my second idea is to get two 8" ducts pulling from different locations.

Please let em know if I am missing anything or overdoing it.

Thanks Again!

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