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Old 2022-01-26, 8:26am
Wobblescat Wobblescat is offline
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Question Minor torch flame is to small

Ive been working with glass for about 2 years, I recently switched from a HH to a nortel mega minor tank o2 tank propane. I set the propane at 5 psi and oxygen aprox the same, but my flame is short and narrow nothing like what I've seen on you tube, I barely have any workable flame, I've tried adjusting everything but nothing really changes no matter what I do, what am I doing wrong?
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Old 2022-01-26, 8:41am
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A minor flame is small and narrow compared to a hot head. Do you have a picture of it? Are you looking at pictures of minors on You Tube? There are a lot of torches with bigger flames, so let's make sure you are doing a good comparison.
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Old 2022-01-26, 11:04am
rcktscientist rcktscientist is offline
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A Minor will do well at 10-15psi Oxygen. Try turning it up a bit.
Also, your flame should be around 12-15 inches long and about 1/2 in diameter at full settings. That's how most of the Minors I have seen ran.
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Old 2022-01-26, 1:30pm
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I have a mega Minor and I keep my propane around three-four, maybe 5, and my oxygen at 8. If you have an oxycon, do not set it at the top of your range, pull it down a little bit to get better oxygen purity. So if you have a five, set it at four, four and a half maybe. I have a 10 and keep it at 8. The flame looks much smaller than a hot head but it burns hotter.
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minor torch, small flame

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