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Old 2010-07-11, 5:13pm
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Originally Posted by RenaissanceGlaziers View Post
I own a stained glass shop and I am going to start carrying lampworking supplies. Would you reccomend I stock Devarti glass? If so are there any colours that we should stock?

I would encourage you to get a large sample AND a rod warmer, and play with the colors. The rod warmer makes all the difference or you will have a lot of shock and frustration.

I use Devardi a lot and I enjoy it, but many of the colors are very stiff, or do devit easily if overheated. I have found that encasing with their clear makes a big difference to a color that devits easily, and tools and presses and rollers make all the difference too.

This glass is great for sculpture, and with tools and patience it is also good for regular bead work. There seems to be trouble with the silver-glass compatibility, but that is being worked on. I have been told by the owners that the factory is improving the flow of the colors to reduce the shockiness. I have seen a number of colors be significantly improved this way.

You will need to educate your customers on it's use and sell rod warmers most likely, or you will be hearing about a lot of frustration. Beyond that it is a very useful glass with a great price!

Here are just a few pics of beads and things I have made with it.


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devardi, missing posts?

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