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Old 2013-10-21, 4:29am
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Default Angel Wings

Hi everyone! It doesn't have to be specifically for angels but is there a tutorial for wings out there? Either free or otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

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Old 2013-10-21, 5:22am
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There are wings on Mary Lockwood's dragons that are detailed in her tut...not sure if that one will help, Duane. They are attached along one full side of the wing rather than just at the tip. It's a good tut.

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Old 2013-10-21, 5:34am
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Here is the link to Anouk's Angel Wings (TrollLover here on LE)

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Old 2013-10-21, 7:40pm
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There are a few ways to do wings. One is the rainbow layers method, well that's what I call it. You take a rod/stringer and lay a rained like down. Then repeat but not quite as long as the lasts leaving a nub flared as you go. Kind of a (((( pattern.

Another way is to continuously zigzag a stringer into a triangle shape making basically 888 shape as you go, making each fold slightly smaller than the last.
You can fine tune with mashers/tweezers if needed.
Speaking of mashers...
Another way is to make a blob, mash it and shape it to a wing.
You can use tweezers, pliers to wave the wing, or pull a point.

I have used all these methods. (Maybe I have pics...)There are probably more ways I can't think of at the moment.. Placement is key I think. And the hard part. Lol. I can't upload at the moment but I have a heart with double wings on one side, and a ruffled wing too on a heart. I think there are pics on my website maybe of them. Anyways, I think you can see the wave style here, (but on handles, so don't think there has to be a gap, it's just placement))and the dragonfly the other pic is dot blob squish shape technique. I love loribeads for wings too. Hope this helps!!!
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Old 2013-11-21, 11:59am
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Default Angel wings are fairly easy

If you are still having trouble with them let me know and I will try to explain how I do mine.
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Old 2013-11-21, 8:14pm
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Old 2013-11-21, 8:18pm
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Duane -

Roger Child has an awesome tutorial on dragon wings on boro that you can adopt for angel wings:

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